Monday, March 11, 2013

Everything isn't bigger in Texas. (But it's a damn cool state)

The fabulous guys over at the art blog Empty Kingdom flew me and three other artists out to Austin, Texas this past weekend to participate in their event ReCreate ATX as a part of the SXSW music festival.

The event was a blast, and involved working with artists from all over Texas to make art on an abandoned apt. building foundation overlooking downtown Austin.

(The view from the top of the hill at sunset on Sunday)

Hugh Leeman, Derek Gores, David Young and I spent all day Sat and Sun soaking in warm Texas rain and cooking in the blazing Texas sun getting our work up. We braved ants, bees, sunstroke, Texas shaped waffles and delinquent teenage Austinites day and night. 

(Panorama of the entire space. Empty Kingdom had the walls on the far right and left)

I brought down a 90% finished life-size charcoal and graphite drawing of a lovely lady I met in the Civid Center BART station in San Francisco. She calls herself Moon Baby.

(Text at top: "I was a backup singer for Joan Baez. My husband and I had a house in the lower Haight until he died - I couldn't afford it after that so now I live in my van down by the tracks. Nobody bothers me there.")

(Empty Kingdom's wall with (L to R) David Young, Derek Gores and me. Also included is an Australian woman flipping me off.)

Thanks to Empty Kingdom for sending me out to Texas for a kick-ass weekend. Ya'll should donate to their funding campaign for the event - they paid for the expenses out of their personal pockets and are dedicated to art like few people I've ever seen.