Sunday, October 6, 2013

Califas opening at Intersection for the Arts

I was recently asked to participate in a really exciting show at one of San Francisco's oldest art spaces, Intersection for the Arts. Califas, a group show exploring the communities that make up California, opened on October 2, and runs through December 21st. 

For my part of the show I brought three life-size works - a new drawing as well as two pieces created last spring. 

(L) Heather, 2011 (Center) Napalm, 2013 (R) Unknown No. 1, 2011

About the show:

If California were a country, as of 2012 it would have been the 9th largest economy and the 34th most populous nation in the world. California is the most populous state in the United States, home to 1 out of 8 Americans. This exhibition is inspired by the countless stories and people that make up the state – from the Homeless Garden Project in Santa Cruz to residents a block away on the corner of 6th and Mission Streets, from a senior synchronized swimming team in Orange County to a youth Scraper Bike Team in East Oakland. Califas features work by Andrea Blum, California is a Place: A Documentary Project by Drea Cooper & Zackary CanepariMia NakanoJoan OsatoJoel Daniel PhillipsSF Postcard Project, and Jenifer K. Wofford & Kyle Herbert.

More information can be found here.

Napalm, 42x94in, Charcoal and Graphite on Paper, 2013

Heather, 42x94in, Charcoal and Graphite on Paper, 2011

Unknown No. 1, 42x94in, Charcoal and Graphite on Paper, 2011

The pieces are a part of my ongoing series 'No Regrets in Life', (see and read more here) exploring the fragmentation of society and the way individuals deal with ostracisation.

A big thanks to Intersection for the Arts for including my work in the show and to Ken Harman of Spoke Art Gallery for his generous lending of Heather for the exhibition.